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Foxconn Modular House, China


Energy Saving Test

Test Location: Shenzhen, China

Test Time: 14-06-2019 00:00 ~ 17-06-2019 00:00

Energy saving rate: 60%

Reflective Radi-Cool film applied


KEN Electricity Room, Japan

KEN Electricity Room, Japan.png

Surface Temperature Test

Reference: 53.6 °C

Radi-Cool: 22.0 °C

Surface temperature difference: -31.6 °C

Reflective Radi-Cool film applied


XiaoShan Airport Passenger Loading Bridge, China

Passenger Loading Bridge of XiaoShan Air

Surface temperature difference: 35.5 °C

Internal air temperature difference: 11.4 °C

The energy saving rate: 47.5 %

Test time: 26-08-2019

Reflective & Transparent Radi-Cool film applied


Electrical Cabinet, State Grid Corporation of China

Electric Cabinet, State Grid Corporation

Surface temperature difference: 18.0 °C

Internal air temperature difference: 14.7 °C

Test time: 25-04-2019

Reflective Radi-Cool film applied


Ningbo Petrochemical Storage Tank, China

Ningbo Petrochemical, Storage Tank.png

Surface temperature difference: 11.0-15.6 °C

Internal air temperature difference: ~5 °C

Test time: 28-09-2019

Radi-Cool Paint & Coating applied

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